Welcome to Community Taskforce website.

  • We are not attorneys.
  • We do not give legal advise.
  • We are Medation, a starting point between you and the person or persons your grievance is with.
  • We will make first contact on your behalf to ask for validation of there right to display or reproduce your copyrighted products,mateirals or services.
  • If your copyrighted products,mateirals or services have been pirated and sold through a third party we will document the information and prepare a report on your behalf. This information will be vital if you have to pursue legal action.
  • Legal action should be a last resort. We will make every effort to assist you and the infringing party to come to a mutual understanding.
  • However if the infringing party has knowingly abussed and profited from your trademark or copyrighted products, materials or services legal action may be required.
  • In most incidence the infringing party may not be aware of the infringment, this can be the case with online content such as photos, videos, music and script. So many think nothing of copy and paste or burning music or video although innocent with no intention of harm its reposted and someone profits off your work!